Flayvr is pretty sweet.


Downloaded and installed this iPhone app. I'm not going to review it but let you know that it's a great help if you want to share a group of photos from your camera roll. The biggest thing no endless swiping. If you take tons of photos you can find what you want much quicker with this App. The design behaviors could be a bit smoother but that's not a stopper. Besides, right now it's free.

check out flayvr >

Design and technology : The avalanche at Tunnel Creek

Snow Fall front
Snow Fall media
Snow Fall media explainer

Yesterday I stumbled upon this NYTimes feature article.

Seems that the NYTimes has finally gotten what storytelling can be in new media. This amazing feature uses plenty of well crafted html 5. This is the reason to read at the Times website or in a nrowser. Just getting ready to test it on our iPad. Just give the article a read. It's a compelling story well told and excellently presented.

All three of the screen captures that you see have autorun movies/animations. Check it.


Foldify we're waiting.


We're on the mailing list for the release of Foldify.

Draw, create, print and fold beautiful 3D figures with Foldify.

iTunes 11, we like it.

Miniplayer iTunes 11 now playing
Miniplayer iTunes 11 contrils

Downloaded iTunes 11 today and turned on iCloud services on my devices. Favorite, miniplayer is useful now. Player controls, airplay control, search, and promote songs in playlists.

This is a solid upgrade. The UI is cleaner. The UX is better especially considering how much you want to do. Search is snappy.

The interface doesn't feel like Apple had enough time. Interaction clues and visual feedback that we've come to expect from Apple are missing.

Still — we like it.