Documentation redesign.

cover of funding documentation
interior of funding documentation

We're updating our templates for promotional pieces and case studies. This is the old design. We're going to give it a bit of a refresh since we've made some changes to our design nomanclature. The typography needs a bit of a refresh too. This was what we used for several years. We're excited about getting the updates done and finally feature the work we did for Charter High School of Art and Design (CHAD), up on our website.

Make something, make a difference


We're thinking this was shown at Apple's WWDC 13. What could celebrate and inspire developers all around this world? Thanks Apple and all of the developers that make their ideas and the ideas of others possible. Awesome video. Democratization of technology makes the unbeliveable possible. 

Make something.
Make a difference. Apple's developer community does it everyday.

type treatment : why not

Why not now? Type treatment

We've been working on a number of goodies for KindergartenMind which used to be smarts & culture. Businesses evolve. They develop a new focus. We have been working with owner Maryann Devine to evolve her visual language to express this new direction.

We had established a color palatte for smarts & culture which we kept, but extended, for KinderegartenMind. The existing products and the new ones needed a common language. We made some type choices and extended the color palette so we could blend the old and the new.

Refreshing a brand, Old City Flowers.

Think outside the flower pot. —Old City Flowers


One of our small business clients is Old City Flowers. We've been working with new owner Sue McKee to refresh their brand. Pictured is one of the new phrases, signature colors, and flower favicon that we are slowly rolling out this summer.

Imagining iOS7


This could certainly happen at WWDC. It would be welcome too. All of us would embrace some change to the now overburdened UI. Apple surely won't just slip a new visual layer on iOS7. There will be lots of developer goodies we're sure. Looking forward to the Keynote with Tim Cook. Wonder if Jony Ive will get a spot.

Apple needs to get busy


Looking forward to hearing from Tim Cook at D11.

But more interested in seeing what happens at WWDC coming up.

Apple's apps are old and tied to the desktop. We need to see visual change that is aligned with the brand. But moreso we need to see Apple Apps that delight us. Apples edge has always been around ease of use and delight. The dellight has gone out of Apple Software. Apple software is combersome. It takes to many interactions to accomplish tasks. It just feels old.

Let's see some energy Apple. Crank up the volume. Turn up the bass. Let's feel the beat.