iOS 7 reserving judgement


"If everyone is busy making everything, how can anyone perfect anything? We start to confuse convenience with joy, abundance with choice. Designing something requires focus. The first thing we ask is, what do we want people to feel? Delight. Surprise. Love. Connection. Then we begin to craft around our intention. It takes time ... there are a thousand no's for every yes. We simplify. We perfect. We start over. Until every thing we touch enhances each life it touches.

Wireframes by hand

pop-up shop wireframe sketches

We have all kinds of tools to make maps and wireframes. Our favorite being Omnigraffle. The line from my brain through pen to paper is still faster. 

Lava Lamp or bubble tea

studio lava lamp.

Something has gone very odd with the lava lamp. It's gone all bubbly. What's that about? Have you had this experience lava lamp lovers?

Apple Maps vs Google Maps


Apple couldn't let Google continue to gather data that was valuable to it's own development. After Google denied Apple turn by turn directions it was the last straw.

Simpler uglier Glass by Google

Google Glass

Look, here's Google's new Simpler uglier Glass Device.

Just can't help being snarky. There is something to be said for a design process that doesn't happen in public. Google doesn't understand design at this level and from a look at their most recent products they never will.

Look no wires, induction charged buses


Checking out an article on a new wireless charging system for buses. Super idea. Now if the battery disposal can be managed in an intelligent way it could be a viable solution long term. Short term — pretty darn sweet.

from Wired:
It’s a concept called “opportunity charging” – topping off the battery whenever there’s a chance to do so, rather than parking in a depot for an overnight charge or swapping out batteries, which might lead to delays or schedule adjustments.


Simply send Cash

Cash by Square enter welcome screen
Cash by Square enter amount here.

Square, the people who released the first simple payment system without the need for a merchant account, have released a new free way to send cash. It's so simple and the app is so delightful that you'll want to send everyone you know money. The app icon is a green tile and the $ sign, tap it and the application launches, let's you enter an amount in a very green number keypad and autofills fields in an e-mail for you. Glick send at that's it. Did we mention it's free?

We use Square and recommend it. Now we can do the same for Cash.