Margaret Anderson | strategist, boss

margaret s. anderson, managing principal, stellarvisions

managing principal

Margaret works with clients on strategy, asking the big questions and guiding them in the search for answers. She has learned more about technology in her 50+ years than she cares to admit, but recently it has been getting really fun and rewarding.

Margaret is involved in the creation of all project plans, selection of team and assigning of roles, and project management. Her communication skills come into play both in our written documents and in facilitating meetings, especially those involving professionals from diverse disciplines. An undergraduate at Princeton University and Barnard College, Margaret holds a Master's Degree from Columbia University.

Margaret is also a developmental editor, working closely with authors of over 20 books on design and technology.  Some examples:

Giles Colborne,  Simple and Usable Interaction Design

Tim Kadlec,  Implementing Responsive Design

Shawn Welch,  From Idea to App

Nancy Lyons, Meghan Wilker,  (Geek Girls Guide to) Interactive Project Management