found objects

Found on the walk home for the studio. An amazingly amusing set of pictoral directions for how to use rented heavy machinery. Looks like a mechanical pinball game. Do you think you could determine what to turn, pull, or push?

On my walk a confusing discovery. Determining direction? A secret code? Maybe underneath is a spaghetti junction? Secret codes are everywhere. They are designed to obscure information for those that are not in-the-know.

Walking through the neighborhood reveals interesting sights. Came upon these architectural models inside a building I passed.

A quick capture on the way back from a client meeting. Stopped for a fresh brewed root beer. Stewarts is my favorite place to pull in and flash your lights for service in our opinion. But the great orange facade and big leters at Weber's are pretty darn strong. They have a windmill orange sign out front that is a dandy.


illustration from Hands Up! or Enemy no. 1 by Rifkat Shayfutdinovich Bagautdinov, 1971

An amazing illustration. I searched everywhere for more information about the illustrator but can't figure out anything or if there are any of these books still available.

Printed in Russia.

Design is the meticulous act of folding clean clothes. Art is the freedom in getting them dirty.
- John Maeda

Just found this film thanks to Jaime García. We love the forms, physics, and music.

Nokta . (Dot .) is an abstract short film project which has creative, distinctive style of production and is an improvisation of organic pieces while considering themes like power, control and luck.

We found out that Atlantic City has a wordmark. Did you know that? News to us. Sorta strange. We found it at Typophile. You can see it in action here:

Well this is our first shot so it may be a little rough.

Stay with us as we iron it out, debug, figure it all out.

Our client Maryann Devine does a wonderful thing at her website smArts & Culture. It's called The Random.

We've decided to do something like that here at ideaorange.

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