Twitter used to be a sort of surrogate newsroom/barroom where you could organize around ideas with people whose opinions you wanted to assess. Maybe you wouldn't agree with everybody, but that was part of the fun.

We hate every mail app we try using. They are always too simple or too complicated — none are just right.

Google mail is way too ugly and complex. The only thing that makes it any good is the search function, DUH. Apple's mail which should be easy peasy, super simple might be if you only have one e-mail account. It's search is pathetic. Maybe it's all super pathetic because we use Google mail services with Apple Mail? 

There has to be something better. Yep we hate webmail the most.

What are you using?

Who ever thought we could wish that Adobe hadn't bettered Quark.

A font is a program after all. Why shouldn't it do more than sit around looking pretty? A wonderful look at a new font called FF Chartwell. The amazing powers of OpenType.

An interesting tool disguised as a font — by FontFont. A user can draw charts that are flexible and scalable directly in a layout app. Just imagine when web-fonts become available.

You can buy individual fonts or the whole pack. Nice.


Our newest addiction at Stellarvisions. We can't stop playing this simple game. Terrific introduction that has humor. It will make you smile. It's free download it and tell us if you can stop playing.



Download it >

Really no surprise Adobe. 

No one was updating your software any more. Photoshop? Who needs photoshop there are plenty of under $100. Apps out there that do all most folks need to do like Acorn, Pixelmator, and Gimp. The same goes for Illustrator and there are some options for InDesign too. 

Just this week we discovered Moves.

"Moves is a free iPhone pedometer that helps you get fit by walking more. See how many steps you take and aim for a healthy exercise goal of 10,000 steps a day."


We stumbled upon a new app announcement from Yahoo! last week. It's intriguing to watch the changes that Marissa Mayer, CEO has been making. When we work with clients and complete our discovery and survey phase we look for the smaller things we can implement that will be a catalist for change. There have been small changes at Yahoo! that may not be important to the tech press; but influence the yahoo communitiy. Most of these changes have been focused on the mobile space.

Personally I hate Facebook for loads of reasons. 

But just because I hate it doesn't mean I discount it. It's really addictive and that's bad for those who use it. Those folks have almost forgotten that there is an internet. Thank goodness Google has an amazing search engine or Facebook would have already won the internet battle.

I have an iPhone.

Downloaded and installed this iPhone app. I'm not going to review it but let you know that it's a great help if you want to share a group of photos from your camera roll. The biggest thing no endless swiping. If you take tons of photos you can find what you want much quicker with this App. The design behaviors could be a bit smoother but that's not a stopper. Besides, right now it's free.

check out flayvr >


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