I think it may be the first time in ages that I may buy old tech. Yep the iPhone 5s may be my last Apple phone if they continue with these aircraft carrier sized screens.

First everything gets combined into Google+ then it gets broken out. Grand plans gone awry or just no idea what they want to do? Rumor has it Photos will get uncoupled as well as Hangouts could be next. Aren't you getting tired of being a beta tester for life?

There are good and legitamite reasons not to have certain applications and processes tied to the cloud. Especially when they don't have to be. We never subscribed to Creative Cloud and never will.

The security people speak the truth. We should listen.

“Surveillance is the business model of the Internet,” Schneier told attendees. “We build systems that spy on people in exchange for services. Corporations call it marketing."

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Finally, B&N has found the right path. Hoping that the Nook continues and provides a method for those interesed in books and an alternative to the Kindle.

Best message so far this week.

Uncaught exception thrown in shutdown function.

"Motorola is an established and respected brand…" It was a respected brand. It failed to keep it's promise as an innovative player, made strange choices, and allowed itself to be bought by Google.

Google thought it could thwart Apple with purchased patents, that didn't work. Google lost a ton of money on Motorola and now they are selling it off to Lenovo. You know Lenovo, they bought the IBM Thinkpad. Oh right and their devices run Windows.

Apple couldn't let Google continue to gather data that was valuable to it's own development. After Google denied Apple turn by turn directions it was the last straw.

Look, here's Google's new Simpler uglier Glass Device.

Just can't help being snarky. There is something to be said for a design process that doesn't happen in public. Google doesn't understand design at this level and from a look at their most recent products they never will.

Checking out an article on a new wireless charging system for buses. Super idea. Now if the battery disposal can be managed in an intelligent way it could be a viable solution long term. Short term — pretty darn sweet.

from Wired:
It’s a concept called “opportunity charging” – topping off the battery whenever there’s a chance to do so, rather than parking in a depot for an overnight charge or swapping out batteries, which might lead to delays or schedule adjustments.



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