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ASMP Philadelphia engaged Stellarvisions to create a strategic plan for the design, structure, and implementation of a new web presence. Working with John Welsh, now Chapter President, we collaborated to create new features that would engage members. The site maintains the brand of the national organization while providing the local chapter with a distinct personality.

Alliant Resources engaged Stellarvisions to create a strategy, design, produce, and launch a comprehensive web presence. Alliant had a brochure-style website and wanted to bring the breadth of their offerings public. We worked directly with decision makers to complete the project in an accelerated schedule.

Our design established a tone in keeping with Berwind’s values, strategy, and culture. The visual design expresses the brand identity – prudent, intelligent, private.

A pop up window created an interactive view of Berwind's core commitments. Clicking on the words: people, relevance, performance, growth, community, communication, and integrity reveals the commitment Berwind makes to its employees and the marketplace. No Flash plugin needed: the interaction is controlled completely with javascript.


Worldstudio Foundation works to engage the creative community in shaping a better world for tomorrow. We have worked with worldstudio to grow their web presence since 1996. Mark Randall and David Sterling have inspired us with the work that they do. Our goal, provide a website that would make visible the exceptional contributions their work has made possible.

The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia released Health ePal, a personalized family health record and wellness guide. Stellarvisions collaborated in formulating the concept, designed the navigational interface and package, and developed the software.

This project overview focuses on the personal wellness guide. Usinging a quiz format the content was divided into child development stages and three information areas— wellness, safety, and nutrition.

Berwind engaged Stellarvisions to create a strategic plan for the design, structure, and content of their web presence. Our discovery process defined the site goals: to position Berwind as a best-in-class private investment company, enable significant parties to easily find out about and contact Berwind, to deliver relevant messages or information to key audiences, and support the Berwind brand.

Brown & Keener is a multi-disciplinary design and planning firm that focuses on re-energizing public places and revitalizing communities.

BK Urban Design engaged Stellarvisions to communicate the depth and variety of projects and build a practical demonstration of their effective communication skills. Stellarvisions designed templates and customized open source software to enable staff at BKB to keep the site current and vibrant.

Forty million people are living with HIV throughout our world; while you read this the number increases. Approximately 8,000 people die each day of AIDS.

Stellarvisions was selected by one of the largest and most respected manufacturers of health care products to create an internal browser-based resource on HIV and AIDS for over 120,000 employees worldwide.

Our work began with defining key audiences, and the content for each:

Chester County Art Association selected Stellarvisions to provide strategic and implementation plans for a website and constituent relationship management application. 

An animated movie theater ad by Stellarvisions announced the site launch. Reinforcing the theme of creativity and energy, a flash animation opens the site. The loft apartments, art studios and commercial space are presented separately, and the location of each is shown visually. A business directory of tenants provides an insider's view to the many creative businesses tucked away in the historic mill buildings.


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