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heavy bubble : websites for artists 

Stellarvisions has created the identity for Heavy Bubble, a new technology service company. Heavy Bubble is a do-it-yourself website solution developed specifically for visual artists. 

Heavybubble websites are professionally designed and engineered for the artists to publish and update themselves. The brand is about supporting artists, helping them advance their careers, get their work before new audiences and present it effectively.  

Searching for a unique way to set themselves apart from the competition, the team understood that the name selected should embody the personality of the company. Heavy Bubble is unexpected and fun.

Stellarvisions identity design for heavybubble is simple – just like heavybubble. Three connected bubbles large, medium, and small represent the three levels of web presence offered by Heavy Bubble.

All means of electronic communication, social networking, and viral marketing are being used to full advantage including a website, online advertising, email campaigns with tell a friend options, downloadable posters, a blog and Facebook friends. To be ultimately searchable, both forms of the name are used: Heavy Bubble and heavybubble.

The goal of Stellarvisions' work with Heavy Bubble is to provide high quality strategic communications that keeps costs low and expectations high.

visit the website :  www.heavybubble.com



project scope

- message and positioning 
- naming
- language generation
- concept mapping
- applications overview
- identity design
- identity system
- collateral materials
- marketing strategy
- sign systems
- promotion
- web presence


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