Penn Museum

Penn Museum web structure | opening screen, stellarvisions
Penn Museum web structure | long screen, stellarvisions
Penn Museum web structure | long article screen, stellarvisions

The University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology (Penn Museum) was in the process of an ambitious re-structuring of its website to align with a new focus on the museum as a public institution. It needed to grab the interest of a typical undergraduate, not just scholars and enthusiasts.

Stellarvisions developed the design framework and guidelines for new site and provided consultation around user experience and site architecture.

The site needed to serve both internal and external audiences.

For the public the site:

  • is a window for the public into the museum and its collections
  • provides a rich experience of the exhibits for virtual visitors
  • motivates virtual visitors to visit the actual exhibitions

For the museum the site:

  • raises the profile of the museum in the public eye 
  • supports efforts to attract a wider audience of visitors 
  • acts as the ‘digital spine’ for the museum
  • provides easy reference archives for collections and exhibits


project scope

- message and positioning
- group visioning
- language generation
- naming
- concept mapping
- information architecture
- site mapping
- image research
- visual design
- content development
- user interface
- partnership with in-house IT
- project launch


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