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Stellarvisions has created an identity program for Sherman Mills, a mixed-use development in East Falls; the vision of native son Mark Sherman. 

Sherman Mills is a village within a neighborhood within a city. A new creative class is coming to live, work, and play in this vibrant environment. Artists and artisans, creative entrepreneurs, loft-dwelling residents, gallery and cafe owners are attracted to the historic art-infused space.

In order to articulate this complex message, we explored two directions: the old and the new. The past included the historic nature of a river community within a city know for innovation, especially the master innovator, Ben Franklin. We learned that the original mill drew artists, craftsmen and entrepreneurs from Europe. A quintessential mill environment built of brick and local stone, the buildings were added organically over the 19th and early 20th century.

The new energy at Sherman Mills springs from creativity: sculpture installations, working artists, murals, and cultural institutions like the Pennsylvania Ballet.



project scope

- message and positioning
- language generation
- concept mapping
- applications overview
- identity design
- identity system
- collateral materials
- marketing strategy
- sign systems
- promotion
- web presence


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