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sherman mills | website project, stellarvisions, animation
sherman mills | website project, stellarvisions, leasing
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Stellarvisions created a web presence for Sherman Mills, a mixed-use development in Philadelphia, featuring leased spaces for creative entrepreneurs, residents and artists.

Sherman Mills is a village within a neighborhood within a city. The new energy at Sherman Mills springs from creativity: sculpture installations, working artists, murals, and cultural institutions like the Pennsylvania Ballet.

The website's launch coincided with placement of an animated ad in movie theaters directed at potential tenants. Our strategy was to drive traffic to — the theme: creative space/available space had energetic, percussive sounds with strong imagery. Reinforcing the theme of creativity and energy, a flash animation opens the site. 

A primary goal was to create a platform on which management and leasing staff could hide, edit, and publish listings based on availability. The loft apartments, art studios and commercial space are presented separately, and the location of each is shown visually. Photos, where available, show the unique qualities of the spaces.

Additionally, to represent the myriad tenants Stellarvisions created an online business directory in the community section. The design of the directory helps artists and creative businesses increase their web presence and provides an insider's view to the many creative businesses tucked away in the historic mill buildings.


project scope

- message and positioning
- language generation
- information architecture
- user experience
- marketing strategy
- promotion
- web presence 
- web development
- staff training


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