Should we replace neon PSFS with LED


"The Loews hotel chain has tinkered for 15 years to keep the neon PSFS sign aglow on Philadelphia's skyline, but officials said Tuesday they believe the time has come to do away with the old and bring in the new. Arguing that the 83-year-old sign has become too costly and burdensome to maintain Loews representatives asked the Philadelphia Historical Commission for permission to replace the neon tubes and transformers of the signature red sign with LED lights.

The commission's architecture committee voted unanimously against the idea." — Maria Panaritis, Inquirer Staff Writer,


A compromise is needed here. We get that the neon is part of a historical object. The questions are: Will someone help find a less costly supplier of the neon parts necessary? Even as a historic object does that make it moral to waste energy? (This is a cost the building owbner must continue to absorb.) If the Historical Society refuses neon replacement it appears Loews can just let it sit unlit and not maintain the sign. 

Then we will lose it as an historic part of our skyline. Is that the result we want? 

Common sense says replace with LED especially since the number of lumens could be controlled to feel more like neon due to improvements with LED production. Save energy, save the sign.


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